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Alex Khorshidi

Position: College of Business Senator (4 Seats Available)
Academic College: Business Major specifically Finance
Expected Date of Graduation: 05/14/2024
Bio and Platform: My name is Alex Khorshidi, and I am a Reno native finishing my second year here at the University of Nevada Reno. I am studying Finance with hopes of going to law school. My experience in Reno has always been a good one and has been especially good in my time at UNR. I care about this school and the people in it as well as the city. If I get elected to Senator, my one goal would be to improve the lives and experience of all students at our school. In the scope of doing this my policy basis will reside in two different facets. My first policy objective would be to improve student services like that of parking. All students of UNR who commute to campus or live on it know that parking services cause constant headaches concerning ticketing policies and manners of parking. My first agenda item would be to change these policies so that parking services actually act in service to students instead of against them. The second Facet I hope to change is Student programs and activities. Student programs are something that bring people together on campus and can really engage and connect people. In this arena I will work to bring more activities back to campus so that all students have opportunities to interact with people and grow with others as one pack community. In these two facets I will push legislation. My overarching goal as Senator will be to work for and listen to students so that all students can further benefit and enjoy their time at UNR. Please elect me for a seat as a Business Senator.