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Cole Sawyer

Position: College of Liberal Arts (4 Senate Seats)
Academic College: College of Liberal Arts
Expected Date of Graduation: 05/16/2026
Bio and Platform: Cole Sawyer knows that the College of Liberal Arts is a large and diverse school, and wants to make sure all voices from every corner can be heard, and that there is equity in our advocacies. One of his projects is bringing funding to underfunded programs in the Liberal Arts College. He knows that some programs require more attention and resources than they are currently getting, and it is something that he seeks to change. Cole is very passionate about transparency between the students and the functions of ASUN. He wants to push for students to get involved and know everything happening at the Senate table. This would also come in the form of being accessible as a Senator, offering one-on-one outreach and office hours. He wants to create a personal close relationship with all of his constituents. Further, on a larger scale, he wants to create more resources and spaces for students’ mental health. He is a firm believer that the mental health crisis is an extremely serious problem and it is vital to act now. Cole Sawyer wants to equally and righteously represent the students of the great College of Liberal Arts.