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Samuel McCoy

Position: College of Business Senator (4 Seats Available)
Academic College: Finance
Expected Date of Graduation: 05/11/2023
Bio and Platform: Samuel McCoy is a third-year student in the College of Business, pursuing a degree in Finance, with an Economics minor. He has served on his Greek Life Organization's (Alpha Tau Omega) Executive Board as Historian, as well as several chair positions. Samuel values involvement and aiding in the betterment of the organizations he is a part of. I have been involved on campus as well, having the privilege of being selected to become a NevadaFit mentor. It was through NevadaFit that Samuel found his enjoyment in being involved with the University, but above all, aiding and assisting the students.

If elected, Samuel McCoy has several goals he would like to accomplish. First and most importantly, he wants to create further involvement and engagement between the students and the University through more events and outreach. Another goal he would like to accomplish is to utilize the student population to get involved in our local community. As a University, with an undergraduate population of around 15,000, we can take advantage of the amount of students we have and help improve/maintain the surrounding community through charity and fundraising work. Samuel is passionate about serving others and is excited to create change on campus.