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Taylor Limbacher

Position: School of Social Work (1 Senate Seats)
Academic College: School of Social Work
Expected Date of Graduation: 05/18/2024
Bio and Platform: As a fellow student in the field of social work, Taylor is committed not only to the field itself, but to working with other social work students. By opening up conversations of what can be improved in our campus community, Taylor hopes to act as a liaison for students in the School of Social Work to enact positive changes in our community, such as creating a more inclusive and accessible environment for UNR students. In the field of Social Work, the core values are Service, Social Justice, Dignity and Worth of a Person, Importance of Human Relationships, Integrity, and Competence. Taylor is committed to holding each of these values at the core of her work as she strives to serve and improve the UNR community. As such, some of Taylor's goals are to advocate for the safety of students and their belongings on campus and in the residence halls, promote life skill education such as applying for jobs and paying taxes, and to bring a healthier lifestyle to Reno by encouraging UNR students to engage in fitness classes and nutrition education. Overall, one of Taylor's biggest goals is to pave a way for other students to give back to the campus community and greater Reno community through volunteer efforts with local organizations and around campus, as well as creating and promoting community projects such as a local book exchange, a gardening project, and local art projects.