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Amelia Bryan

Senator for College of Engineering


Amelia Bryan is a current sophomore majoring in chemical engineering with minors in renewable energy and math. She was accepted into the CREATE program and has enjoyed connecting with her peers through skill-building seminars and workshops. As a part of the Sustainability Club she is helping design and build a multi-input module generator. Amelia is currently working in a lab that detects SARS-CoV-2 concentrations in wastewater using bioinformatics. She intends to pursue a career in research and development for fuel cells.

Amelia desires to develop a stronger union within the College of Engineering student body and nurture a diverse and equity-based program. She recognizes that having knowledge and access to available resources is crucial to success and plans to promote resources within the University for all students, especially her underrepresented peers. Amelia wishes to strengthen interpersonal relationships between students and staff to build a positive and constructive learning environment. Outside of the College, Amelia hopes to foster a healthy connection between the community and the University and intends to support combined events for students and community members.