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Angelle Landolfi

Senator for the College of Medicine/Orvis School of Nursing


Angelle is a Speech Pathology and Audiology major with a Psychology minor at the University of Nevada. After completing her undergraduate degree, she hopes to pursue her M.S. in Speech Pathology at the University.
Like many, her experiences at the University are new ones; her first year she lived in Wolf Pack tower with 1,300 other displaced students. After having to navigate college life through a pandemic the past few years, Angelle believes the student body is reasonable when they ask for an updated consistent effort by the University to create an environment that’s positive for student mental and physical health.
Angelle believes that gathering student opinions to create positive University experiences is crucial in re-fostering our campus lifestyle and participation after COVID. It’s important to have multiple ways students can send suggestions and for leaders to expand on these suggestions. Angelle believes it is a priority to not just make any decision, but rather ones that are agreed on and meaningful to the student body. An important step in this is active social media transparency and communication.
She would also like to look into expanding opportunities for pre-medical students by forming creative collaborative programs for students to connect with each other and gain experience. Angelle aims to help foster these programs with other leaders to help students prepare for the MCAT and produce medical school resumes.