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Brayden Fiorillo

Senator for the College of Business


Brayden Fiorillo is a Reno-raised student who is dedicated to creating a streamlined and transparent connection between the University of Nevada, Reno, and its students. In Brayden’s time here at the University of Nevada, Reno, he has always felt the need to serve the student body and help create the true change that the students want to see. He believes that creating an easier platform for the student body to receive information about ASUN events and agendas, and voice their opinions is crucial to a more involved and student-oriented campus. He has aided in raising over $17,000 for Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation, and over 3,000 canned goods for the Eddy House through Lambda Chi Alpha, here in Reno. He has also held the Head of Social Affairs position, organizing formal events, serving his organization, coordinating with large corporations, and weighing each idea voiced to him by his peers. Brayden Fiorillo believes in maintaining and celebrating the rich history of our campus while continuing to make this university an inclusive, friendly, and safe school for everyone. Brayden desires to create a straightforward way to receive information about opportunities and resources such as the “Career and Corporate Outreach Center”, the “SBDC”, and the “Ozman Center of Entrepreneurship”, so that they can be utilized more by the College of Business students, and lead to a greater grasp on real-life applications for their studies and aspirations.