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Charles Dunn

Assistant Director of Budget & SEAB



Bio Here:
Charles Dunn is currently a senior at the University of Nevada Reno pursuing a degree in Computer Science. He was originally from Las Vegas, Nevada and has a twin sister who attends the University of Nevada Reno as well. He is also the president for Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. During his freshman year, he interned in the Clubs and Organizations Department for the 87th session where he learned more about ASUN as a whole and their mission, as well as familiarized himself with the procedures and protocols within his department specifically. This experience inspired Charles to apply to become a club commissioner for the 88th session. He loved working and engaging directly with students and loved to serve students to better enhance their college experience. Charles chose the Multicultural and Diversity coalition because he felt he could relate to the minority groups being an African American male himself. He also wanted to promote opportunities that educated and emphasized the importance of multiculturalism, diversity, and acceptance. During the 89th session, Charles took on a more administrative role and became the Assistant Director of Budget and SEAB in which he oversaw club support funding, on campus events and the department budget. He loves being able to support clubs and commissioners as best as possible to maximize opportunities for everyone. With this current position, he loves having the creative freedom to figure out ways to make different processes more efficient and work projects to enhance the betterment of the association as a whole. He wants to continue this drive and ambition for serving the students in the 90th session for the Clubs and Organizations Department.