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Emily Kane

Senator for the College of Science


Emily Kane was born and raised in Henderson, Nevada and is a second year with plans to pursue Psychology as a major major with a minor in Graphic Design. She has two sisters, Alyssa and Sophia, and three dogs, Charlie, Millie, and Parker. Emily is a member of the Winter Sports Club, participates in the Hiking and Sustainability Pack Pod, and is currently working at the Joe Crowley Student Union.
Growing up, Emily spent a handful of years volunteering at a local summer camp as a counselor-in-training (CIT). During that time, she learned a multitude of skills including teamwork, leadership, responsibility, time management, creative thinking, effective communication, and conflict resolution while working with children of all ages. Emily was raised with the ideology of service and of has therefore participated in numerous canned-food drives, donations of perishable items and animal rescue activities, etc. to help those in need.
As a first-generation college student, Emily plans to attend graduate school in support of following her dreams of becoming a Pediatric Psychologist. Her passion for supporting children through their journey of positive mental health has inspired Emily to serve the community around her. If elected, she will do exactly what is needed to support, assist, and contribute to the needs of students at the University of Nevada.
Emily is committed to listening to every student to better understand their wants and needs in order to create a comfortable, inclusive, safe, and an academically successful university campus environment for all students.