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Esmeralda Perez Ramirez

Senator of the School of Social Work


Esmeralda is a first-generation and fourth-year student. Her goals include expanding the relationship between her fellow colleagues at the School of Social Work and the Associated Students of the University of Nevada by being a liaison. As the School of Social Work recently became recognized as the first solo-standing accredited Social Work College in Nevada, they gained the honor of having an open seat within the ASUN senate. She Hopes to represent the School of Social Work by bringing in their social work values of leadership, social justice, and compassion into her role as a student representative.

Some of her goals as Senator include communicating the importance of offering legal document support services for undocumented/ DACA recipient students, expanding the emotional and inclusive accessibility of the University, to promote a healthier campus and advocate for mental health, including the necessary resources needed during a global pandemic, and overall, becoming a more involved ally and advocate for underrepresented and marginalized groups on campus and within the community.