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Luis Galvez

Senator for the College of Education and Human Development


Luis Galvez is a Reno local and a first-year student in Secondary Education, History, and Theatre. Before coming to the UNR, Luis was obsessed with the high school experience. He was very passionate about extracurriculars, and would always pop into new clubs just to try something new! In his later years of high school, Luis adopted positions such as mock trial team captain, class president, and even some lead roles in the school play. Throughout these four years, Luis was able to make an impact on the students in the school by advocating for them in student government meetings and promoting student events in which they could interact with each other and also engage with the community. His love for high school and the students around him inspired him to join the College of Education and Human Development in pursuit of becoming a high school teacher.
Luis also developed a love for US history. Whether it be the US Constitution or the Roaring 20s, once you get him talking about America, it’s tough trying to get him to stop. Outside of education and history, Luis also has a passion for performing arts. He takes acting, singing, and dance classes at the university and writes songs in his free time as well. If elected, Luis’ goals would be to acquaint himself with the student body, both within the College of Education and Human Development and across the university, and represent their needs fairly.