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Matthew Swackhamer

Senator for the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources


Born and raised in Reno, Nevada, Matthew Swackhamer is currently in his third year seeking his BS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Over the last three years, his love science, especially biochemistry, has grown immensely thanks to the opportunities provided by CABNR to explore various aspects of the sciences. A deep appreciation for CABNR has called him to take an active role in working on keeping the college ever growing in the right direction. Outside of school, Matthew represents UNR playing for the men’s lacrosse team, and can also be found coaching his old high school team every week. He believes that a healthy body creates a healthy mind and encourages others to find something they enjoy to stay active. When he’s not studying or playing or coaching Matthew is an active member in the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity here on campus. As a representative of Greek life, he understands the benefits behind establishing a work-life balance and its value to creating a productive student in the classroom and opening new doors. Taking each experience in with an open mind and appreciation, Matthew brings with him a diverse background that represents UNR club sports and teams, Greek life, and hard-working students.