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Yeshu Cano Sanchez

Senator for the College of Science


Yeshu Cano Sanchez is a first-generation, low-income Latino majoring in Biology. He was born and raised in Reno. He graduated from Wooster High School with the help of Deans Future Scholars, an outreach program for low-income first-generation students who want to attend post-secondary education. While at UNR, Yeshu became a TRiO STEM Scholar, a program to help first generation students overcome cultural, academic, and social barriers to succeed in higher education. He is striving to make the world smile by pursing the path of becoming an orthodontist.

Yeshu hopes to create a more diverse environment at UNR by attempting to help the university reach HSI designation, bringing in more opportunities and resources to increase student achievement. Being from a low-income, first-generation background, there are many financial barriers that prohibit first generation students from attending a university. In turn, he aims to help those who want to pursue a degree of the sciences and introduce them to resources on campus. He strives to increase community outreach by promoting the college of science and creating new pathways for K-12 students.