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10 Things To Safely Do This Halloween!

Posted on Thursday, October 29, 2020


This Halloween looks a little different for all of us now, and it can be difficult to navigate how to still get into the holiday spirit while staying home and staying safe. Below are ten different things you can do to celebrate this Halloween while still staying safe!

1. Host a Halloween costume contest! Whether it is with the people you live with or virtually, get together and compete for the best costume!

2. Halloween movie night! Either virtually or with the people you live with, have a Halloween movie marathon! There are plenty of free options on Amazon Prime, Peacock TV, and even more through streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. Some classics to watch are The Addams Family (Netflix), Hocus Pocus (Disney Plus), and Beetlejuice (Amazon Prime)!

3. Host a virtual (or, again, with your roommates) Halloween-themed baking contest! See who can create the most creepy, most unique, or most tasty Halloween treat!

4. Throw a virtual decorating party! Put in the same effort you would for Christmas with Halloween decorations, and compete with your friends to see who has the best-decorated house. Or, if you do this with roommates, compete to see who can decorate their room best!

5. Host either a virtual or roommates-only craft night! Create Halloween themed crafts while playing some spooky music in the background to truly get into the spirit. There are thousands of craft ideas on Pinterest, but here is a Pinterest board to get started with ideas!

6. Head to Reno’s own drive-in movie theater for a safe, socially distant way to watch a Halloween movie! Either bring your roommates in one car or meet up with friends while staying in your own car and enjoy the different Halloween movies that West Wind has to offer!

7. Virtually or with your roommates, have your own pumpkin carving contest! See who can come up with the most creative, spooky, or goofy looking pumpkin and reward yourself with some Halloween candy!

8. With the people you live with, throw a piñata party! Get each person a Halloween-themed piñata, and see who can effectively open it and “destroy” it the fastest!

9. There are multiple COVID-19 compliant events taking place on Halloween Day and Night in Virginia City, NV for those who are still local. You can find locations, times, and specific event information at

10. Andelin Farms in Reno, NV is hosting their final night of Zombie Paintball on Halloween Night, from 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm. Admission is $20, and includes a free paintball refill at the halfway point. All events at Andelin Farms are COVID-19 compliant.