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ASUN Primary Election 2021 for Vice President

Posted on Thursday, March 4, 2021

The winner of the 2021 Primary Election for Vice President is Kate Torres with 256 Votes. Vice Presidential Candidates Murphy and Piña are disqualified for failure to comply with:

1. SAS

a. Title 702, Section 13, Subsection E, 8) “Failing to turn in campaign finance receipts, as required by Section 20”

b. Title 702, Section 20, Subsection B, 1) “Enforcement of the campaign finance regulations shall be the responsibility of the Director of Elections and Democratic Education”

c. Title 702, Section 20, Subsection B, 5) “It shall be the responsibility of the candidate to provide proof of purchase or proof of donation of campaign materials prior to dissemination. If unable to provide a receipt, they may indicate so and instead provide an estimate of fair market value. Receipts must be provided beginning with the Candidates’ Meeting and thereafter.”

2. Candidate Packet

a. Page 1: “Please read it carefully as you will be held responsible for information contained within this packet, the ASUN Constitution and the Statues of the Associated Students (SAS)”

b. Page 1: “You are responsible for obtaining and understanding the Elections Code. This can be found in the SAS, Chapter 702: Elections Code. If you have any questions regarding this material, please ask before the campaigning begins”

c. Page 4: Failure to comply with the Candidate Packet required deadline “Primary Elections Budget Forms Due Thursday March 4, 2021 5:00 p.m. ASUN Front Desk and NevadaBox, Failure to comply: Automatic removal from elections (Primary Elections candidates only)

d. Page 13 Elections Budget Form: “Instructions: 1. Itemize materials used in your campaign on the numbered lines below. Please mark receipts according to the line used. For example, all expenses listed in line 1, will be accounted for on a receipt marked with a “1”. 2. Itemize materials donated to your campaign in the lettered spaces provided. Please make sure each attached donation form is marked with the letter of the corresponding donation. For example, all donated items listed in line A, will be accounted for on a donation form marked with an “A”. 3. Candidates running for elections are limited to spending as follows: (1) Presidential candidates, $500; (2) Vice Presidential candidates, $400; and (3) Senator candidates, $200. 4. The budget form, all receipts, and donation forms must be submitted electronically to the NevadaBox AND hard copies must be submitted to the ASUN Front Desk by 5:00 p.m., by the deadline date

e. Page 14 ASUN Elections Donation Form: “In the case where a donor cannot confirm current worth of materials or services, the candidate may obtain a bid for said materials or services and use that amount as the actual cost. Bids must be attached to each donation form”

In closing, neither the Director of Elections nor the Attorney General were able to ascertain if candidates Murphy and Piña stayed within campaign finance limits.

Kevin Finkler, Director of Elections & Paige Flippin, ASUN Attorney General


ASUN Elections 2021 Voter Breakdown:

Primary Elections Voting Results:
Wednesday, March 3, 2021 to Thursday, March 4, 2021

Total Votes Cast: 1,284
Total Undergrads: 15,585
Voter Turnout Percent: 8.24%

ASUN Vice President Moving to General (2)
– Murphy, Keegan, 646 votes via WebCampus, 0 physical ballots, 646 total [DISQUALIFIED]
– Piña, Aaron, 356 votes via WebCampus, 1 physical ballot, 357 total [DISQUALIFIED]
– Torres, Kate, 256 votes via WebCampus, 0 physical ballots, 256 total [WINNER]
– Unanswered, 25 total votes

Subtotal: 1,283 votes via WebCampus, 1 physical ballot, 1,284 total