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Antony Kuhl

Position: College of Engineering (4 Senate Seats)
Academic College: College of Engineering
Expected Date of Graduation: 12/19/2024
Bio and Platform: My name is Antony Kuhl and I’m a first-generation student, currently in my fourth year majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Having come from a low-income background heavily affected by the 2008 recession, I understand the difficulties of seeking higher education while being constrained by the limitations of your income and personal technology. To that effect, I have worked as a Senator in ASUN for the past two sessions to help address the technological necessities of our students, working with organizations like the @One Technology Center to get devices into the hands of the students who need them.
If re-elected, I plan to continue the push for educational equality by seeking greater transparency in how our student fees are being used. I will also work to strengthen ASUN’s connection with our faculty leadership, so that we can better tackle issues that affect the university community as a whole.
Alongside these efforts, I will seek to further encourage greater cooperation between the students of the College of Engineering and other Colleges. Through this, the innovations of our brightest students will find the marketing and business guidance they deserve, all the while giving students more opportunities to forge meaningful connections with those who could one day be their business associates.
As your Senator, I promise to keep you, my fellow engineers, as my top priority. Our entire field of study revolves around innovation and efficiency, and in the spirit of that, I want you to feel free to come to me with your ideas at any hour, so we can get right to work together.