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Ayden Houghtling

Position: Honors College (1 Senate Seat)
Academic College: College of Liberal Arts/ Honors College
Expected Date of Graduation: 05/24/2026
Bio and Platform: Ayden Houghtling is a First-Gen student and a new member of the Honors College. He is currently studying Political Science and Sociology; he has prior experience in student government, both from high school and as a current intern in the ASUN Senate. Knowing that the Honors College is very young and this is the first time it will be represented in the Senate, he wants to ensure as many students get their voice heard as possible, as quickly as possible. He also sees the need to continue expanding the college to allow more faculty, more classes, and ultimately more students. The UNR Honors College is currently underfunded, understaffed, and underrepresented, and he intends to work with the Honors College Student Council and the college Dean to start changing that fact. Ayden is also looking to his fellow students to share their voice and express their own concerns. He hopes that students feel comfortable sharing their opinions and asking for help navigating ASUN and other aspects of student engagement. He believes it is a part of a senator's job to not only legislate on behalf of the college as a whole, but also to listen to and address smaller issues on an individual level as best as he can. As such, Ayden has already started working on legislation to increase ASUN access to busy students who want to share their opinions and he hopes to move forward with the piece during his time in the Senate.