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Carmina Aglubat

Position: College of Liberal Arts (4 Senate Seats)
Academic College: College of Liberal Arts
Expected Date of Graduation: 05/01/2027
Bio and Platform: Carmina is a proud Reno-ite and member of the Wolf Pack. As a political science major, amateur hiker and lover of books, Carmina understands the importance of representation, adventure and direct dialogue. Carmina seeks to represent the College of Liberal Arts through its mission to drive progress, change and creativity. She looks to emphasize the importance of the College as it teaches integral elements such as empathy, compassion and creative thinking- all of which are essential in shaping the world.

To fulfill this mission, Carmina is focusing on three pillars: driving progress, fighting for change and fostering creativity.

Progress: To drive progress, Carmina will bring a voice to the Senate table that is not afraid to stand up for what's right, even when it's not easy. Carmina loves this University, therefore she isn’t afraid to see its imperfections and work to bring it forward.

Change: The change Carmina seeks to fight for is more transparency and open communication between ASUN and the student body- in which she will host weekly office hours for students. Additionally, Carmina doesn’t only want students to come to her, but wants to go to the students. She'll do this by organizing meetings with Liberal Arts organizations, clubs and leaders on a regular basis.

Creativity: To advance creativity, Carmina will create a platform exclusively focused on cultivating and presenting projects derived from the College of Liberal Arts, in which students can receive recognition, praise and connections with peers and other networking opportunities with local alumni.