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Elijah Houghtelling

Position: School of Public Health (3 Senate Seats)
Academic College: School of Public Health
Expected Date of Graduation: 05/12/2027
Bio and Platform: Hello ASUN community,

I am Elijah Houghtelling, your candidate for the role of Senator for the School of Public Health within ASUN. A passionate Pre-Nursing Major aspiring to become a Critical Care Nurse, I am enthusiastic about contributing to the improvement of our university experience.

Engaged and dedicated, I am actively involved in campus activities, driven by a commitment to create an inclusive and vibrant community for all. Grounded in my Christian faith, I draw inspiration from the principles of compassion, service, and understanding. These experiences have provided valuable insights into the diverse perspectives within our student body, which I am eager to bring to the table as your ASUN Senate representative.

Platform: Unity, Advocacy, and Progress


Fostering a sense of unity and solidarity among students within the School of Public Health.
Initiating collaborative dialogue to bridge gaps and ensure every student feels a sense of belonging.

Strong advocacy for student needs within the School of Public Health.
Actively listening to concerns and collaborating with fellow students to address specific issues such as mental health support, affordable housing, and equitable access to resources.

Commitment to driving positive change within the School of Public Health.
Advocating for sustainable practices, diversity and inclusion, and student-led initiatives to enhance our university experience.
Policy Goals:

Student-Centric Policies:

Advocacy for transparent communication, fair grading practices, and accessible support services within the School of Public Health.
Sustainability Initiatives:

Collaboration with the School of Public Health and administration for eco-friendly practices.
Support for recycling programs, reduction of carbon footprint, and promotion of sustainable living within our community.
Mental Health Awareness and Resources:

Strong advocacy for increased awareness, resources, and support services.
Ensuring every student within the School of Public Health has the assistance they need during challenging times.
My vision for ASUN is to create a thriving and inclusive university community within the School of Public Health, where every student's voice is heard and valued. Together, let's build a campus that reflects our shared values and aspirations.

Thank you for considering me as your Senator for the School of Public Health. I am excited about the opportunity to serve you and collaboratively enhance our university experience.

Elijah Houghtelling