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Isabella Valdivieso

Position: Vice President
Academic College: College of Liberal Arts
Expected Date of Graduation: 05/15/2025
Bio and Platform: From Sacramento, California, Isabella Valdivieso is a third-year student pursuing a dual degree in Political Science and Spanish Literature & Cultures. She currently serves as the ASUN Director of Executive Affairs, actively working to implement the mission and goals of ASUN. Isabella has made Nevada her home away from home by serving as the Vice President of Phi Alpha Delta, the university’s premier pre-law organization focused on professional development and community-building. She is an active member of the Blue Key Honor Society and served as a head guide for new members of the organization looking to find their place in leadership, scholarship, and service. Isabella has been involved with NevadaFIT since her second year, mentoring first-year students to ease their transition to college life and prepare for maximizing their student experience. Isabella is also a Public Relations intern for a statewide, non-partisan health freedom advocacy organization. After graduation, Isabella plans to attend law school with the goal of practicing non-profit law, particularly in underserved communities such as children and young adults with disabilities, as well as women's health.

In unity with Presidential candidate, Fayza Salah, the YOUR Nevada campaign strives to build a campus community that creates an empowering environment for students that intentionally focuses on the individual student experience that makes your time at Nevada, uniquely yours.

YOUR Nevada will center students with:

1. Challenging the Status Quo: Empowering YOU to break out of the box that institutions place us in by redefining limiting power structures and focusing our resources on YOUR needs.

2. Impact and Intention: focusing on the issues students repeatedly voice to ASUN and university administration, but that often fall to the side.

3. Advocacy with empathy, compassion, and community: streamlining communication to make sure YOUR Nevada accurately represents YOUR needs as ASUN works to serve YOU.