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Kelsea Frobes

Position: Reynolds School of Journalism (1 Senate Seat)
Academic College: School of Journalism, College of Liberal Arts
Expected Date of Graduation: 05/16/2026
Bio and Platform: Last session, Kelsea Frobes co-wrote S.R. 91- “A Bill to Financially Support Student Media Via a Credit Fee”. This bill allows for students to vote on whether or not they would be willing to pay a fee of $1.29 per credit that would fund student media on campus including The Nevada Sagebrush, Wolf Pack Radio, Brushfire Literature and Arts Journal, and Insight Magazine. Kelsea is also involved in the RSJ Student Council, the RSJ Diversity Committee, the Student Media Advisory Board, has assisted in events such as the RSJ Fest, and even suggested the Journalism Student Hub on Canvas. As a senator running for a second term this session, Kelsea is looking forward to continuing her advocacy for RSJ students and their needs as well as becoming Speaker Pro Tempore in hopes of mentoring the Legislative Interns of the 92nd session.