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Leaf Acklin

Position: College of Liberal Arts (4 Senate Seats)
Academic College: College of Liberal Arts
Expected Date of Graduation: 05/01/2026
Bio and Platform: Leaf Acklin, a dedicated sophomore majoring in Political Science and International Affairs at UNR, is seeking your support for his reelection as the representative for the College of Liberal Arts. As a first-generation student from Las Vegas, Leaf has actively bridged the gap between students and faculty at the University, particularly within COLA. His commitment is evident through initiatives like being a part of the conversation and helping organize the Majors and Minors fair and contributing to the creation of Campus Reels for our college.

Leaf's advocacy extends university-wide, with notable accomplishments such as championing the introduction of Tagalog courses, proposing a ballot question to cancel classes on Election Day, and finalizing a resolution for the PSAC to remain open 24/7 during finals. He has also played a pivotal role in organizing the Veterans Luncheon and continuing to create a safe space for our Veterans on this campus. Looking forward, Leaf aims to make voting more accessible on campus, explore textbook payment plans, and strengthen the connection between students and faculty in COLA by hosting more events for the College of Liberal Arts.

Leaf hopes that he can count on your vote and continue to bring your voice to the table not just advocating for students of the College of Liberal Arts but the students of the University of Nevada, Reno.