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Leaf Acklin

Position: College of Liberal Arts (4 Senate Seats)
Academic College: College of Liberal Arts
Expected Date of Graduation: 06/09/2026
Bio and Platform: Leaf Acklin is a freshman studying Political Science with big plans for this session. As a student of the College of Liberal Arts and an intern of ASUN Government Affairs, not only does Leaf want to focus on the representation of Liberal Arts students, but also the student body as a whole. Leaf wants to pull more focus into student outreach like bringing more awareness to the counseling and tutoring services that we offer here on campus. Student success is also a main priority, and access to campus has been an issue in the past semester. Petitioning to make parking fees more affordable or even expand parking garages would be a great first step to increasing attendance of commuter students. Along with parking fees, the price of textbooks is a discouragement to low income students. Without proper scholarships, students are paying for textbooks out of pocket. Leaf hopes to direct funding to lower the costs of pricey textbooks. Students attending the University really want to be here, but costs make it hard for them, and many don't know how to look for scholarships. The money is out there, but sometimes not easy to access. Hosting more scholarship workshops and promoting them around campus is going to be a huge help for students that don’t know where to start. Leaf’s dream would be to make sure that every student is prioritized, has access to be successful, and make them feel at home at UNR.