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Madison Kitch

Position: Honors College (1 Senate Seat)
Academic College: Honors College/School of Journalism
Expected Date of Graduation: 05/01/2026
Bio and Platform: Madison Kitch is a first-generation sophomore from Las Vegas studying Journalism and Political Science at the University of Nevada, Reno. She is running for Senate on behalf of the Honors College as their inaugural senator. If elected, Madison plans to focus on student engagement, funding for the college, and working with her constituents closely. If elected, she looks forward to improving student engagement in the Honors College and working to increase enrollment by reaching out to students at both the high school and collegiate levels. The Honors College has drastically increased enrollment in the last three years, and that shouldn’t slow down. Madison currently serves as a Peer Mentor for the Honors College. As a mentor, she guides younger students in shaping their Honors experience. Being a Peer Mentor has been incredibly fulfilling, and Madison wants to find more avenues to support students. Madison is also a Front Desk assistant for the Honors College, meaning she interacts with both staff and students often. In knowing the people she represents, Madison can accurately vote and pass legislation on their behalf. The Honors College is one of the most underfunded colleges on campus. Honors students’ dedication to academics should be rewarded with more opportunities. Funding research is incredibly important to Madison, and she’s ready to achieve this by working with other senators. Focusing on student engagement and funding to help the Honors College move forward. Madison looks forward to serving the Honors College community in a direct and impactful way.