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Makayla Mirth

Position: College of Business (4 Senate Seats)
Academic College: College of Business
Expected Date of Graduation: 05/22/2023
Bio and Platform: Makayla Mirth is committed to more campus opportunities for business majors. Internships and other learning opportunities shouldn’t have to be a hop and a skip away. Being on such an extraordinary campus we have the whole world at our fingertips, why not extend it by opening more opportunities right here on campus! Students are the change. Makayla Mirth is advocating for more student engagement within ASUN. Makayla wants students to not only feel welcomed but to know ASUN is listening and wants to hear about anything they feel passionate about. In order to instill this, Makayla not only encourages students to attend ASUN meetings, but wants to see more students advocating their passions during the open floor times. In order to help students feel welcomed and confident to speak, Makayla plans to have open hours where she will help students prepare their statements. Makayla Mirth is very passionate about safety here on campus. Being located so close to downtown Reno and having the main stretch of the city (Virginia Street) going straight through campus. We need to ensure we are doing everything on our part to make the campus more secure. From simple things such as adding more light fixtures, as there is such low visibility at night. To expanding the hours of pack rides so students don’t have to walk in the dark. Makayla Mirth knows little things make the biggest difference when it comes to providing student well being on campus.