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Max Kiker

Position: College of Business (4 Senate Seats)
Academic College: College of Business
Expected Date of Graduation: 05/16/2025
Bio and Platform: Max Kiker, a dedicated and engaged individual, is running for Senator for the College of Business. Currently interning with Elemental LED, a prominent corporate sponsor of the college, Max brings firsthand experience from the business world to the table. As a Finance and Economics major with minors in Mathematics and Entrepreneurship, Max's academic background is robust and aligns seamlessly with the responsibilities of the senate.

Active participation is a cornerstone of Max's approach to student life. In addition to the corporate internship, Max is a valued member of the Nevada Student Investment Organization (NSIO), contributing insights and expertise to the financial landscape. Beyond the academic sphere, Max is involved in various unaffiliated student organizations, showcasing a commitment to a holistic college experience.

Passion for community and school is a driving force in Max's candidacy. A renowned figure within the student body, Max's engagement extends beyond the classroom. The commitment to fostering a positive environment is evident in Max's involvement in community initiatives. As a senator, Max aims to leverage this passion into actionable policies that enhance the overall student experience within the College of Business and for the university.

In this candidacy for Senator, Max Kiker emerges not only as a representative of academic disciplines but as a champion for a thriving, interconnected, and supportive college community. With a blend of professional experience, academic acumen, and community involvement, Max stands ready to bring fresh perspectives and effective advocacy to the College of Business. He is here to stand on business.