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Tori Beaulac

Position: College of Science (4 Senate Seats)
Academic College: College of Science
Expected Date of Graduation: 12/07/2024
Bio and Platform: Tori Beaulac, a junior studying neuroscience and a Senator in the 91st session of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada, Reno, is seeking re-election with a passion for positive change. Tori's commitment to inclusivity and student well-being is evident in the legislation she co-authored during her previous term.

She played a vital role in creating legislation that established an alternative compensation plan. This groundbreaking effort guaranteed payment for every ASUN officer, regardless of their citizenship status, fostering equity and inclusivity. Tori also demonstrated a keen awareness of student health concerns by authoring a piece in support of the distribution of fentanyl testing strips. The opioid epidemic is raging through Universities, and this proactive legislation helps to stop the issue before it starts, especially when it comes to at-risk students.

Looking ahead, Tori Beaulac is determined to further enhance the student experience by focusing on collaboration with the College of Science faculty. With the recent appointment of a new Dean for the College of Science, Tori is hopeful for positive changes. She aims to work closely with the new Dean and faculty members to create a more supportive and enriching academic environment. More specifically, she hopes to incorporate more efficient ways that students can provide feedback on their classes, enacting actual change when a Professor refuses to change for the better. If elected, Tori would be honored to continue making a positive impact on the lives of her fellow students at the University of Nevada, Reno.