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Coronavirus Fall 2020 FAQ

Posted on Wednesday, October 28, 2020

This FAQ was last updated 10/28 at 10:30 a.m.

Our Wolf Pack community, the state of Nevada and our country is consistently adapting to ensure the safety of one another. As the University continues to implement COVID-19 mitigation efforts, we, Nevada ASUN, are working alongside the administration to provide the most accurate information.
On Oct. 9, 2020, President Sandoval announced that courses will be delivered remotely for the remainder of the semester following Fall Break, or Thanksgiving weekend. Although all University courses will be online starting Monday, Nov. 30, the campus will remain open. Wiegand Fitness Center and residence halls will be closed. Students living in the residence halls should remain in contact with Residential Life, Housing & Food Service.
In an effort to help with contact tracing and tracking exposure, download COVID Trace App. The app is free for use and all of the information provided remains confidential.
Please visit the University’s coronavirus webpage for the most up-to-date information.

Is it possible for the University to repeal any decision they have made?
It is possible if new information becomes available that would impact student safety. Although Student petitions are appreciated, they will take the advice of medical professionals to decide whether any decisions will be reversed. Lots of planning is also needed by multiple university functions to ensure a smooth academic semester.

Will the implementation of all classes moving online impact graduation for any students?
No, all students will graduate on time. All labs will be done before Thanksgiving.

How do you know that cancelling Spring Break will reduce COVID-19 cases? Are you confident that closures will reduce student cases? (I feel that those who would have gone out to a party or something will end up creating their own Spring Break weekend anyway.)
We are taking medical advice from the Washoe County Health District and local health professionals as well as state and federal guidelines.

When students return to campus, we will still sanitize and clean everything on a regular basis, and communicate policies regularly in conjunction with Washoe County and the state of Nevada. Administration is also considering making the COVID-19 Canvas course mandatory again.

Would you consider a 3-day weekend since you canceled Spring Break or will you come up with some creative solution to help students during this time seeing that they will have 16 weeks of classes with no breaks?
This option might defeat the purpose to include an extra day for a break since we do not want students traveling, but we will look into it. Student leaders will continue to discuss with administration creative ways to ensure that students can mentally decompress. If you have feedback on ideas, please submit them on the ASUN website or email your respective Senator.

Are they any alternatives to considering Spring Break?
Not at this moment.

If students are moving back to campus after winter break, will we be testing them as they come in? This worked pretty well for Vanderbilt.
The University is always looking at the usefulness of testing to keep students safe and the campus open.

Multiple students and staff were shocked at the closing of the gym and were told they had one week left on payroll. Why are students not going to continue to get paid and why are students not being refunded their fitness center fees?
At the time of the announcement, 50 student employees were laid off and were paid for another week. The Director of the Fitness Center has worked with many of the students to help them find other forms of employment and multiple departments at the University are seeking students for employment. These student employees were given employment priority for upcoming football and basketball games, early voting shifts at Lawlor and were given employment information about the need for contact tracing jobs in the area.

The fitness fee of $45 will not be refunded as it will continue to pay bonds on the remaining $26 million owed on the center. The fees also go towards gym and cleaning supplies, equipment and maintenance expenses. The Fitness Center is also offering virtual drop-in classes, socially distanced activities and equipment rentals to students. The fitness fee does not go to any other department on campus.

Many students are requisition satisfactory and unsatisfactory grading reimplemented. Is this an option for the fall of 2020?
Currently, the University has no plans to implement the S/U policy. Academic deans, faculty and others are not in support of this policy.   There are other academic policies being discussed between the Registrar and ASUN – expanding the current policy on the chance to eliminate a grade and retake a course to include upper level classes. The University is not enforcing academic dismissal but are guiding those students to academic advising and support to assist with their academic recovery. The current policies to request an incomplete in a class and to appeal a grade are in place.