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National Coming Out Day

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2019

National Coming Out Day is on October 11th, and this year is the thirtieth annual celebration. It is a day to remind people that there is power in coming out. Whether it be to friends, family, or coworkers, this is a time to be unapologetically yourself and this day offers the platform to do so. The stories shared by people on this day are extremely powerful and bring together a long history of trials and support.

Thirty years ago, at what is considered the first anniversary of this event, people gathered together for a march on Washington D.C. The initial goal of this movement was based on the liberation of lesbian and gay rights, and the ability to be truly free. This meant the ability to come out to family, friends, and colleagues as a way to live as openly as possible without judgment

National Coming Out Day enables people within the LGBTQIA+ community to have the powerful tools of self-expression while maintaining control of their freedoms. The ultimate purpose of this day – and the history it supports – is to educate that public that homophobia only exists in an atmosphere of ignorance and silence. Moreover, when people are enabled to come out and live their lives openly, then others are more likely to change their views, especially when they personally know someone within this community. The goal is to create a strong potential for others to become allies because negative views are less likely to be maintained when people learn that someone they care about has come out.

Throughout the beginning of October, the Nevada ASUN Instagram account will be featuring LGBTQIA+ student stories that are authentic to the experiences of this community. It supports the mission of National Coming Out Day in allowing students to be openly themselves through all platforms of self-expression, while also relating to others. From October 7th to the 11th we will be celebrating what it means to be uniquely yourself and share why these experiences are so valuable. Make sure to check out our Instagram for stories and upcoming events to celebrate National Coming Out Day!