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PackFIT Brand Ambassadors

Shelby Burton
Hi, my name is Shelby Burton! I’m 21 years old and currently in my 2nd semester at the Orvis School of Nursing. When I’m not studying and buried in my nursing books, I love working out, being outdoors, spending time with friends and family, adventuring, having fun, eating, and laughing. I am honored to be a PackFit ambassador as this campaign strives to encourage and empower others to live a healthy and meaningful life which is something I live by. I’m so excited to share my passion for health and fitness with other students at the University as we inspire one another to be #PackFit 🙂

Cameron Harris
My name is Cameron Harris. I am a pre-medicine student studying Biochemistry. When I am not exercising my mind, I like to exercise my body. I love running and lifting weights at the gym. The gym is like a playground to me and it’s a huge component to my stress management system. I can go there to workout, hangout with my friends, and take my mind off of my studies for a bit. I also love doing endurance events like Tough Mudder and going to Tahoe to snowboard and enjoy the views. I am PackFIT because I want to take care of my body and mind. I am PackFIT because I want to live a healthy and happy life.

Mia Gzebb
Hi my name is Mia! I am a senior at Nevada, with a major in Molecular Microbiology and Immunology and a minor in Biology. I work at Recreation Equipment Incorporated (REI), so naturally I am an outdoor enthusiast. I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, climbing, yoga, pilates, snowshoeing, paddle boarding, and pretty much any other activity. I believe #PackFit is an amazing campaign providing students with excellent resources to take a break and get outdoors!

Cate Heydon
My name is Cate Heydon and I am a Biology major with a minor in Nutrition.  I love hiking adventures and exploring with friends which has led me to living a healthy and fit lifestyle. What PackFIT is to me is living life to the fullest in a healthy way by taking care of your body, and keeping a positive mind. To work hard to become a better version of me in nutrition, fitness, and overall a healthy lifestyle.

Claire Santamaria
Hi! My name is Claire Santamaria, and I am in my third year here at the university. I am so honored to have been chosen to be a PackFIT Ambassador! I enjoy being outdoors, traveling, cooking, spending time with loved ones, and going to the gym (especially at our beautiful new fitness center!). My boyfriend, friends, and family are my motivation to be the best version of myself and to live a life full of love and happiness. This campaign is one that I fully support in that it strives to educate, empower and inspire the entire community to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Together we can move towards promoting fitness, health, and self-love to those around us. I’m excited and grateful for this opportunity to be #PackFIT!

Jacob Chaparian

David Crockett

Meikin Gasuad

Danielle Gordon

Marc Guingon

Jake Thomas

Michael Upton