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ASUN works with Club Colors for all branded marketing items.   You can fill out the Custom Order request, and David Ipjian will get back to you with a quote. You can also reach out to David at 847-592-6182  or email David at

Equipment Rentals

Form for Resources

ASUN provides all ASUN Recognized Clubs & Organizations accessibility to equipment. Please fill out our Request for Club Resources if you would like to use one of the following items.

Silver Food Chafer 2 orange Beverage Coolers Blue tub with a sign saying it contains a Hot Dog/Bun Warmer 2 blue water jugs Red Popcorn Standing Machine Pink Cotton Candy Machine 3 white ice chests White bin containing a Food Warmer 2 silver Basket Broilers 2 white and red bull horns 2 white roaster ovens Blue Recycling Bins a stack of Orange Traffic Cones a stack of four tubs A white bucket, soap, fire extinguisher, yellow gloves, apron, band aids, rubber gloves, thermometer, disposable aprons, and a list of ASUN Numbers 4 Orange Extension Cords Crock Pot First Aid Kit