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Proposed Mandatory Student Health Insurance Policy

Posted on Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Mandatory Student Insurance Proposal

This policy would automatically enroll all undergraduate students to the health insurance policy through the university by default (with the option to opt out if you already have health insurance coverage), adding an estimated amount of $1,150 per semester to a student’s cost of attendance to the University.

Below are Frequently Asked Questions and Information that was complied on 8/4/2021 by the ASUN Director of Campus Wellness.


Update to Post on 8.5.2021-  “We would like to thank all of the students who have voiced their opinions regarding this Proposed Mandatory Student Health Insurance Policy. We will be bringing all concerns before the senate body. It is important to note that this policy was not created by the Associated Students of the University of Nevada, it was brought to our association to gather student feedback to help us serve our constituents. We would like to encourage you to continue sharing your feedback so we can make the most informed decision for the University of Nevada students in a representative manner and invite you to attend senate on Wednesday, August 11th at 5:30PM via Zoom. Please email for the link.”


Reasons behind the Mandatory Student Insurance Proposal: 

  • Campus surveys show that about 20% of our students do not have medical insurance.
  • Medical expenses can impact the ability of a student to continue with their education.
  • An affordable option is not otherwise available.
  • Do not need to provide any evidence of citizenship…only required to be a student.


Estimated Costs for students
Per Year $2,300
Per Semester $1,150
Deductible $350


Who would this policy affect?

The insurance plan is already in place for graduate, medical, and international students.  This current change would expand the student insurance plan to allow undergraduates who are not covered by other medical insurance to have access to health insurance.

What if I already have health insurance? 

If you already have health insurance coverage you can complete a waiver to opt out of the mandatory student insurance policy.

When does the deductible restart? At the semester, the year, etc.  

The deductible is only paid once a year.

What is a deductible?  

“A deductible is not an additional cost.  The term deductible simply means that before the insurance company starts to cover any medical expenses, the individual has to pay the deductible.  The student insurance plan has a very low deductible of $350. For example, if you need lab work that costs $350, but you haven’t used your insurance yet, that $350 would be out of pocket.  Once the deductible is reached, the insurance starts to cover medical expenses at 80%.  It is important to realize that deductibles for most insurance plans range from $2000 to $6,000. Student insurance plans are unique in having such a low deductible!” – Dr. Cheryl Hug English, Director of the Student Health Center

Can financial aid cover the cost of this Mandatory Student Insurance?  

Financial aid or scholarship money can assist in helping to cover this cost.

What services does the Mandatory Student Insurance cover? 

The insurance policy would cover medical expenses such as hospitalization, emergency services, outpatient medical care, pregnancy, laboratory testing, prescription drugs, and mental health services. Any services received at the Student Health Center are covered at 100% and the deductible is waived.

Will this new insurance policy allow for new services to be offered at the Student Health Center? 

The Student Health Center offers a wide variety of health care services that would not be changed by this health insurance policy. The health insurance policy would provide services and protection for unexpected medical expenses, hospitalizations, referrals to specialists, and for services not available at the Student Health Center.

Is this mandatory bill in addition to the fee students already pay to the health center, or in lieu of?  

This is in addition to the Student Health Fee.  They are completely separate things. The health fee allows students to receive services that we provide at the health center.  The Insurance is for care that we cannot provide such as unexpected hospital costs, prescriptions costs etc.  

Are premium costs for insurance affected by the number of individuals enrolled in the policy?

Yes, higher numbers of individuals enrolled in an insurance plan spreads the risk level and premiums tend to be lower.

Does this policy only apply to students of the University of Nevada, Reno?

No, this policy proposal is a joint effort between our university along with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. So this policy would affect both institutions.

If passed, when would this policy be implemented?

If passed, this policy would be implemented starting Fall of 2022.

What can I do to make my voice heard about this proposed policy?

  1. Reach out to your ASUN student senator! Visit to get an email.
  2. Attend the August 11th, 2021 Senate Meeting and give public comment.
  3. Share your thoughts via our social media through DM at @nevadaasun across all platforms.
  4. Contact the ASUN Director of Campus Wellness at
  5. Submit public comment to the NSHE Board of Regents