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Statement Regarding ASUN Primary Election 2021

Posted on Saturday, March 6, 2021

March 6, 2021

Associated Students of the University of Nevada:

After further consideration, we are rescinding the declaration of disqualification of candidates Keegan Murphy and Aaron Piña based on the difficulty of applying the complexity of the campaign finance rules and regulations.

Candidates Murphy and Piña will move on to the ASUN General Election on March 10th and 11th without prejudice and with all the rights and responsibilities afforded them as winners of the ASUN Primary Election.

Further, the Attorney General will issue an opinion that will consider issuing a stay of the campaign finance laws in the Statutes of the Associated Students (SAS) and the 2021 ASUN Elections Candidates Packet until after the General Elections so the ASUN Senate may have time to revisit and/or rewrite the code so its interpretation is applicable to the changing nature of student elections.

We apologize for the emotional distress and inconvenience this has caused. We expect all candidates to operate in good faith during the ASUN General Elections and submit budgets to the best of their ability.

Kevin Finkler, Director of Elections and Democratic Engagement  & Paige Flippin, ASUN Attorney General