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Time Line of the Associate Students of the University of Nevada

1862 Morrill Land Grant Act was passed which offered some acreage to every state for the support of colleges offering instruction in agriculture and the mechanical arts.
1874 University of Nevada opens its doors in Elko
1885 University of Nevada closes its doors in Elko
1886 University of Nevada moves to Reno
1893 The Student Record, the University Student Newspaper was published. The name was changed in 1914 to The Sagebrush
1894 President Joseph Edwards Stubbs is president until 1914
1895 First Football team was formed and played its first game against professors and citizens of Reno.
1898 The Athletic Association was formed. The first president was Nathaniel Dunsdon.
1899 The Artemisia, the University student yearbook was first published.
1899 University Social Club was formed who were responsible for organizing dancing parties each month.
1900 Cadet Band was established. They played at rallies, games, dances and other student functions.
1902 The Crucible Club was formed for all student interested in mining or engineering.
1903 The Athletic Association become The Student Body
1904 A $2 each semester membership tax was paid to The Student Body by each student attending.
1908 The Student Body became the Associated Student Body, which later became the Associated Students of the University of Nevada. The powers of the association are vested in an executive committee, which consist of the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, athletic manager, women’s athletic manager, and representatives of the sophomore and junior classes.
1908 Mackay statue was unveiled on the newly created quad.
1909 The Agricultural Club, better known as “The Aggies” was formed.
1913 First Mackay Day was celebrated
1914 The Debating Society was organized.
1916 Delta Alpha Epsilon, a dramatic society, was organized.
1916 Panhellenic Council was organized and included; Pi Beta Phi and Delta Delta Delta
1918 The Chemistry Club was formed
1920 First Homecoming was celebrated when the football team played the Utah Aggies. Later that evening the Lincoln Hall Association held a dance and provided entertainment for the campus.
1921 The Associated Women Students was organized; disbanded in 1981
1921 The Interfraternity Council was organized and included; Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Sigma Kappa, Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Sigma Nu.
1927 University population hits 1,000
1931 A building was abandoned by the Nevada Historical Society and was given to the students to conduct their business; first form of a Student Union was created.
1935 Student government willingly gave up control of athletics
1937 Sagebrush editor John Carr signed his name in the bottom of his office desk drawer and wrote “Make it a tradition”. This desk drawers is still being singed to this day.
1950 The Brushfire, the student literary and arts journal is published
1951 The Bookstore was purchased for $20,000 by the Associated Students.
1952 The Board of Regents instituted a separation between the undergraduates and graduate student governments.
1952 Wesley E. Travis, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Greyhound buslines, donates $300,000 (half the cost) for the building of a Student Union, to be named after his father Jot Travis.
1958 Jot Travis Student Union opens and included reading and recreation lounges, snack bar, game room, meeting rooms, ballroom, offices and the newly purchased bookstore.
1958 University population hits 2,000
1958 A student court was formed to pass judgment and suggest disciplinary action for undergraduates who violated rules. Later became the ASUN Judicial Council.
1966 The Graduate Student Association (GSA) was formed.
1967 Nevada Legislature authorized a Medical School to be built.
1974 ASUN received a flat fee of $24 from students taking 7 or more credits.
1977 The Board of Regents approved going from a consolidated fee to a fee per credit. ASUN received $1.37 per credit for students taking 7 or more credits, with the understanding that intramurals would still be funded from this amount. ASUN gave intramurals $20,000 from its operating budget.
1978 President Crowley is president until 2000
1978 ASUN’s per credit fee was increased to $2.37 per credit for students with 7 credits or more.
1980 ASUN supported a Student Union Fee increase of one dollar for expansion of the bookstore and new Pine Lounge
1985 University of Nevada celebrates its 100th birthday
1986 Todd Plimpton elected ASUN President
1987 Carl Gatson elected ASUN President
1987 ASUN supported the use of Student Union capital funds for a New Auditorium (1.2 Million Total Cost). When bids for the new auditorium came back, it was projected to cost $400,000 more. The student body president attempts to save the project. ASUN contributes $100,000 savings in Valley Bank accounts and takes $200,000 from the ASUN Bookstore account. The other
$100,000 were items cut from the budget (oak, tile, sound, etc.) The best reason to call the new auditorium the ASUN Auditorium.
1988 Adam Fairfield elected ASUN President
1988 Rita Laden starts as the ASUN Business Manager
1988 The ASUN Activities Board goes from having senators on the board to appointing and starting a new board within ASUN, known as Flipside Productions. They are responsible for all the programming on campus including; Welcome Week, Homecoming, Welcome Back Week, Winter Carnival and Mackay Week
1989 Tom Davies becomes the ASUN Bookstore Manager
1989 Glen Krutz elected ASUN President
1990 ASUN pays for the repair of the Library fountain, $3,750
1990 Jason Geddes elected ASUN President
1991 Derek Beenfeldt elected ASUN President
1992 Samantha Hudson elected ASUN President
1992 The per credit fee going to ASUN was $2.63 for full time and $1.73 for part time students.
1993 Jim Grogan elected ASUN President
1994 Jason Frierson elected ASUN President
1995 Glenn Booth elected ASUN President
1995 ASUN pays for the sound system in the Cellar, $718.00
1995 ASUN purchases a gold mine and later sells it.
1995 ASUN pays for the bleachers for the Intramural Program, $5,000
1996 The JTSU gets a makeover including adding a computer lab, making it disability accessible, making more meeting rooms and moving the ASUN publications to three apartments on Sierra Street.
Daniel Oster elected ASUN President
1996 ASUN celebrates 100 years
1997 Doug Flowers elected ASUN President
1997 An agreement was entered into which gave the GSA a percentage of the profits of the ASUN Bookstore equal to their FTE, minus 2%. The agreement was retroactive to 1995.
1997 ASUN and Wellness Center partnership formed.
1997 Erik Dickson was hired as ASUN Director.
1997 ASUN loans $155,000 to help pay for the building of Nightingale Hall
1997 ASUN pays $92,435 for the Basketball games student section bleachers for in Lawlor Events center.
1997 The Climbing Wall in Lombardi Recreation is purchased for $110,000 by ASUN
1998 Amber Joiner elected ASUN President
1999 Trenton Johnson elected ASUN President
1999 Two vans are purchased for Campus Recreation for their outdoor trips, with ASUN using them for trips.
1999 ASUN purchased their first server and the first ASUN website is made and maintained by ASUN
1999 ASUN consistently starts using a logo
1999 ASUN purchased vans for the Escort program, $26,428.25
2000 Carlos Ledon elected ASUN President
2000 Flipside changes its logo
2001 Mathew Wolden elected ASUN president
2001 Wolf Pack Radio Station was started by a group of students.
2001 ASUN purchased vans for the Escort program, $26,250.00
2001 $30,000 was given towards the construction of Wolf Perk in the JTSU
2001 $195,000 was given to Campus Recreation for renovations and lights.
2001 $3,800 was spent on buying an ASUN truck that was used for the delivery of the Sagebrush,
Flipside events and Clubs and Organizations events
2002 Alicia Lerud elected ASUN President
2002 Sandra Rodriguez is hired as the ASUN Director.
2002 Wolf Pack Radio Station went from an online station to 1700 AM
2002 ASUN took over the Homecoming Parade making it a “Parade of Lights” taking place Friday
night with the parade leading to the Bon Fire.
2002 Because of state budget cuts ASUN keeps the Tutoring going for the year by giving them
$31,232.00 for student wages and the Escort Service by giving the program $19,635.00 for
student wages.
2002 The student body supports the creation of a fifth executive officer position, Vice President for
Clubs and Organizations. This position joins the President, Executive Vice President, Vice
President for Programming and the Speaker of the Senate.
2003 Chul Yim elected ASUN President
2003 Flipside gets a $45,628.00 sound and light system for their events
2003 John Sala/ASUN Intramurals Field opens with 1,000,000 in renovations
2003 ASUN purchases two 15 passenger vans for Clubs and Organizations to use for trips, $52,000.
2004 Erin Lankowsky elected ASUN President
2004 Students support the building of a new Student Union next to the new Library.
2004 Brushfire is published twice (one is Fall and one is Spring)
2004 Wolf Pack Radio is now on 1700AM and online at
2004 The Sagebrush wins 2nd place for “Best in Show” at ACP for Spring 2004 issue. The Sagebrush wins 1st place for “Best in Show” for Fall 2004 issue.
2005 Flipside changes the Human Awareness Chair to Community Service Chair.
2005 ASUN purchases two 12 passenger vans for Clubs and Organizations to use for trips, $40,000. (4 vans total for clubs to use- 2 15 passenger & 2 12 passenger)
2005 Jeff Champagne elected ASUN President
2005 Tom Davies retires as the ASUN Bookstore Manager (started in 1989) Book scholarship for the ASUN Bookstore is made in his honor.
2006 The New Student Union is named the “Joe Crowley Student Union” and has the support from ASUN
2006 (Fall) New Student Union Fee will start; $94 per semester for undergraduates and $25 for undergraduates taking 3 credits or less.
2006 Jeff Champagne elected ASUN President. 1st time in ASUN history that an ASUN President is elected two years in a row.
2006 Vice President for Student Life, Rita Laden retires from University. ASUN passes a recommendation that the “Board Room” in the Joe Crowley Student Union is named after her for all of work with students on the campus.
2006 University Info Monitors were purchased to deliver information about events and ASUN services to students via a TV.
2006 Clubs and Organizations recognition process goes completely online and this board started allocating funds to Clubs & Orgs.
2007 ASUN commits 100,000 in student scholarships. Starting in fall 2007, the ASUN will be offering a total of $131,000 in scholarship money, including $20,000 that is currently being offered. Half of those scholarships will be distributed equally to all the colleges and schools, while the other half will be given to students based on financial need.
2007 Sarah Ragsdale elected ASUN President.
2007 10 percent of the student body voted in ASUN Elections or 1317 students. Students voted to institute the new ASUN constitution that was approved by the senate eliminating some elected positions in the government.
2007 New Student Union (Joe Crowley Student Union) opened with a ASUN/Student Activities Center finally bringing all components of ASUN under one roof, including offices, faculty, clubs and organizations and programs and services.
2007 ASUN passes a resolution to name the Board Room in the new Union, the Dr. Rita Laden Senate Chambers
2007 ASUN hosts a “Past President & Officer” gathering for the opening of the Joe Crowley Student Union, revealing the ASUN Presidents Conference Room dedicated to all past ASUN Presidents.
2007 The ASUN Bookstore opened in the Joe Crowley Student Union expanding the retail space. The
space includes space for textbooks, general books (2nd floor), clothing, supplies, computer den
2007 and convenience store (1st floor)
ASUN changes their logo and stared using the tagline “Learning. Leadership. Life”
2008 Eli Reilly elected ASUN President
2008 The Homecoming Department is created to give more focus on this week.
2008 The new monthly magazine name was changed from the Artemisia to Insight
2008 The Nevada Sagebrush becomes ASUN student fee free, paying for their operating, wages, travel, and a full time Advertising Manager from advertising sales.
2009 Eli Reilly elected ASUN President for a second term
2009 In a response to alleged labor rights violations, the Associated Students of the University of Nevada Bookstore will cease selling popular Russell Athletic products.
2009 Joint Vision 2017, a strategic plan for ASUN is passed. Two fees (Performing Arts $5 a semester & Academic Success $25 a semester) are passed by the senate, passed by the student vote and passed by the Regents. Fees are put into place Fall 2010 for expansion of the arts and academic success.
2009 ASUN creates two departments (Legislative Affairs & Unity Commission) and changes the scope of two others Homecoming is now called Traditions.
2010 Charlie Jose elected ASUN President
2011 Casey Stiteler elected ASUN President
2011 The ASUN Bookstore changed their name to the Nevada Wolf Shop and changed the focus from only a bookstore to a student store.
2011 ASUN Student Activities changed their name to ASUN Center for Student Engagement
2012 Huili Weinstock elected ASUN President
2013 Ziad Rashdan elected ASUN President
2013 Students support the building of a new fitness center on campus.