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Covid-19 Travel Protocols

These protocols apply to any clubs recognized by ASUN and the offices of Fitness & Recreational Sports and Fraternity & Sorority Life.

Before Traveling

  1. Submit a Travel Request form
    1. Domestic travel at least 15 days prior to travel
    2. International travel at least 30 days or more prior to travel—please note that depending on the US Department of State Travel advisory level of a given country, you may not get permission to travel. Any country with a US Department of State travel advisory level 3 or level 4 will require a risk assessment to be completed.  Students should check the BCN international travel website to determine which risk assessment to complete depending on the type of travel (employee vs. student). Level 1 and level 2 countries may not require a risk assessment but will still require additional approval. Some countries have an overall Level 2 status but also have specific states/regions within the country that are level 3 or 4. If you are traveling to one of those specific areas within the country, a risk assessment would be required even though the overall level is
    3. Include a roster/list of everyone traveling including club members, coaches, faculty advisors, community advisors, etc.
  2. Submit a COVID-19 Vaccination card or COVID-19 test results
    1. Vaccination cards can be submitted the week of travel
    2. Test results should be submitted 72 hours before travel by anyone unvaccinated or who is experience potential symptoms of COVID-19
      1. Home tests are not allowed, tests should be administered by a medical or health facility (e.g. Walgreens, Washoe County, Student Health Center, etc.)
      2. Club members are responsible for the cost of any tests they need to take
  • If someone becomes sick even after they tested negative, they may not travel
  1. Clubs should submit vaccination cards and tests to the following offices:
    1. All competitive club sportsàFitness & Recreational Sports
    2. All FSL-recognized organizationsàFraternity & Sorority Life
  • All other student organizationsàASUN Central Station
  1. Complete any requirements needed for institutions or venues that you are traveling to.

While Traveling

  • While traveling students should wear masks in vehicles or planes
  • If anyone in the travel group gets sick while travelling, both vaccinated and nonvaccinated individuals need to test for COVID-19 and need to quarantine until test results are received. If positive, any close contacts with the positive individuals who are not vaccinated also need to quarantine. Please review CDC’s COVID-19 quarantine guidance.
  • International travel: If a country changes travel advisory levels while abroad, you may be required to return immediately.
  • Traveling club members and accompanying travelers (e.g. coaches, advisors, etc.) need to follow travel requirements for other institutions/venues and the specific counties/city’s they’re in if they are more restrictive than UNR’s
    1. Club Sports: The Safety Officer is responsible for checking and ensuring team abides by those requirements
    2. All other Clubs: The club’s president is responsible for checking and ensuring team abides by those requirements

When You Return

  1. Complete a Post-Travel Wellness Check-in Form on PackLife. Clubs should make sure to fill out the correct Wellness Form (see below).
    1. Competitive Club Sports form: FRS Club Sports Post-Travel Team Wellness Check
    2. Fraternity & Sorority Life organizations: FSL Clubs Post-Travel Group Wellness Check
    3. All other Clubs: General clubs Post-Travel Group Wellness Check
  2. Fill out a claim for student group travel expenses
  3. Anyone who becomes symptomatic after returning, regardless of whether they are vaccinated needs to test and quarantine until results are received.

Please be advised that COVID-19 travel protocols can change at any time!

Visiting Team Protocols (during COVID-19)

Before Arriving

  • The University’s Fitness & Recreational Sports department will communicate protocols to the visiting institution’s designated administrators that oversee club sports.
    • If a visiting team member is sick even if they tested negative, they may not travel to UNR to compete.
    • Any unvaccinated members of visiting teams should be tested and results received at least 72 hours prior to traveling
      1. Home tests are not allowed, tests should be administered by a medical or health facility (e.g. Walgreens, Washoe County, Student Health Center, etc.)
    • Visiting team’s institution administration should communicate their traveling team roster 72 hours (3 days) prior to arrival to UNR’s Fitness & Recreational Sports department.
    • All visiting team members are required to sign a waiver, a link to the waiver will be provided in advance

While on Campus

  • The UNR competitive club designated sport safety officer will verify matching team rosters prior to game play start at the John Sala Fields.
  • Visiting competitive club sport athletes, coaches, referees, and spectators must abide by any UNR institutional policy, and any additional directives related to any county, state, or global COVID-19 protocols.
  • Visiting teams should abide by the following face covering policy:
    • Mask wearing required at all times during game play for non-vaccinated rostered players participating in outdoor play.
    • Mask wearing required at all times during play for vaccinated and non-vaccinated rostered players participating in indoor play.
  • Visiting teams must communicate if someone does become sick or begins to experience symptoms while on campus during the visit.