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Managing School During COVID-19

Posted on Friday, August 21, 2020

From talks of World War III and raging fires across Australia to the COVID-19 pandemic and civil unrest, 2020 has presented a string of life-altering events.  

As we head into the Fall semester, you may be feeling apprehensive about how to effectively pursue a higher education amidst a global pandemic and various other disruptions. Student leaders within the Associated Students of the University of Nevada, Reno are here to assist and support the student body in the best way possible. Below are a handful of tips to help you get through this upcoming semester.

1. List your priorities

This is always a good tip, but especially now that health and safety need to be priorities for everyone. Physically writing a numbered list of your priorities in order helps establish boundaries and keep sight of your priorities 


  • Healthy
  • Family
  • School

This way, if you have events or responsibilities that contradict one another, you can go back and remember which things take precedence.

2. Practice mindfulness

It’s easy to get overwhelmed as a college student, especially with the current state of the world around us. Practicing mindfulness can focus the thoughts on the sensations of the present moment, such as deep breathing. Apps, such as Mindfulness Guided Meditation and Calm, are free resources to help with focusing on sensations and being present.

3. Utilize campus resources

The University has an extensive list of resources accessible to students. Now is a great time to utilize the Counseling Services and Student Health Center for any mental or physical health challenges you may face in this taxing time.

Other on-campus Resources Include: 

4. Build a support system, and safely connect with them

Don’t be afraid to lean on your friends and family at this time, and try to find fun, socially distanced activities to engage in outside of school. Video chatting loved ones,  having a socially distanced picnic, or planning a movie night with the people you live with!

5. Work with professors on any issues that come up

The Nevada faculty is here to help you. Increasing communication with professors allows them to make any necessary adjustments and provide the most appropriate direction to ensure your academic success.