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Nevada ASUN Redesigns Logo In Support of LGTBQ+ Communities

Posted on Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Pride month is embedded in the Civil Rights Movement. Although LGBTQ+ communities celebrate victories today, including the legalization of gay marriage and protection against employment discrimination, individuals from as early as the 1960s did not enjoy the same basic civil rights.

Celebrating LGBTQ+ identities and amplifying voices extends beyond Pride month. During Pride, communities all over the nation participate in parades, protests,  performances, and memorials to celebrate LGBTQ+ identities.

In order to continue celebrating Pride and LGBTQ+ identities, Nevada ASUN temporarily changed the background of their logo to the Pride flag designed by artist Daniel Quasar from July to September 15. ASUN hopes this change continues to amplify the conversations surrounding Pride and LGBTQ+ identities while reminding students that we are here to listen to everyone.

Designed in 1978, Baker designed the flag to create a symbol of pride. Each color of the flag stands for its own meaning: violet signifies spirit, indigo signifies harmony, turquoise signifies art, green signifies nature, yellow signifies sunlight, orange signifies healing, red signifies life and pink signifies sex (Souce: Britannica).

Designer Daniel Quasar redesigned the Pride flag in 2018 include the Transgender Pride flag, as well as black and brown stripes to represent BIPOC LGBTQ+ communities. The Transgender Pride flag includes light pink and blue, which are often used to indicate male and female. The white stripe in the middle, however, intends to recognize individuals who are intersex, transitioning, or identify as neutral or no gender (Source: Pride).

The Pride flag continuously made its appearance during events over the years and is often found hanging outside of homes and buildings.

While displaying the flag is seen as a small gesture of allyship, opportunities are endless when supporting and amplifying LGBTQ+ voices. Nevada ASUN previously compiled a brief list of local and national resources to further assist LGBTQ+ identities, but below are educational opportunities to learn more about the community.

LGBTQ+ History and Intersectionality
Trans Rights Resources and Petitions

Additional Resources

– Our Center
– The Center. Every Student. Every Story.
– Northern Nevada Hopes
– Planned Parenthood
– Trevor Project
– The Validation Station